Today I bring you a little gem of a toy: a singular hero will show us the way to Ithaca and provide us with lots of adventures. With these credentials, it can be nothing other than Ulysses, the mythological hero of Odyssey.

The protagonist of this post is a contemporary puppet made of wood and recycled paper  impeccably designed by the talented Marc Sardà for Londji (a really fantastic collaboration). I’m sure it will delight kids and adults alike. Are you ready to meet this particular hero?

marc-sarda-londji-ulysses-toy 23

The result of the alliance between the two creative parts (Marc Sardà and Londji) is a product perfected down to the smallest detail from the design of the figure to the gorgeous packaging and drawn instructions. You will enjoy it from the moment you get the box in your hands!

marc-sarda-londji-ulysses-toy10 marc-sarda-londji-ulysses-toy 11marc-sarda-londji-ulysses-toy 15marc-sarda-londji-ulysses-toy 9 marc-sarda-londji-ulysses-toy7 marc-sarda-londji-ulysses-toy6marc-sarda-londji-ulysses-toy 16 marc-sarda-londji-ulysses-toy 8

First of all, you’ll have to assemble the pieces. It could be a great time to share with your little kid. Then you will be able to manipulate it and generate hundreds of different postures.

marc-sarda-londji-toy21 marc-sarda-londji-ulysses-toy 22

marc-sarda-londji-ulysses-toy 24

Now it’s your turn. Create your own poseable, mythological hero and enjoy!

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+info: Londji, Marc Sardà