Un elefantino a pois is one of those brands plenty of mum’s love and thrill. Since its founder had her daughter, she felt interested in children’s world, it even became her passion. She loves natural materials products so eco-friendly products were a must for her. This is the reason why they are also a must in this special shop.

It tries to provide a personal touch to our daily life with those little details which are, in addition, a great way to take care of the environment. She selects carefully all the brands which share this philosophy and meet her aesthetics standards at the same time. It’s a great combination, don’t you think?

What Can You Find?

A great choice of “green” products, clothes, wooden toys, baby accessories, bedding sets, lighting, decoration…all of them are made with natural material which respect the environment. Furthermore, their designs are so cool that you won’t be able to resist it! They look simple and traditional but also cool and trendy.


The respect for the environment and their great designs are their most important features. They offer a careful selection of products to bring you the best of every brand.


There is a section of “Materials”  where you can find some details about the materials used to create every piece. Safety and quality are granted!