Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit


We have spotted a brand new trend in children’s interiors this spring – a trend that is both fun and magical for children of all ages: Unicorns!

When we first started to research this theme, we stumbled across so many beautiful unicorn accessories for kids’ rooms – many of them handmade and therefore one-of-a-kind (like this pretty hand-painted laser cut wooden garland, pictured above and below, by Foxella and Friends in Germany).

We loved it so much that we added it to our new summer collection at Bobby Rabbit, and you can see how pretty it looks hanging from the house bed in our very own unicorn-themed bedroom:


Image credit: Bobby Rabbit

In addition to the garland, we discovered these cute and cuddly unicorn cushions, also handmade by Jaana at Foxella and Friends:


Image credit: Bobby Rabbit

And you can find these adorable hand-painted wooden unicorn hangers at Foxella and Friends, too:


Image Credit: Foxella and Friends

This pretty wooden unicorn hook has been hand painted in Australia by The Wall Collective:


Image credit: La-de-dah Home

How much fun is this A3 unicorn print by Amayadeeme? From his smart top hat to his sweet long eye lashes (not to mention the magical stars surrounding him), he’s definitely the star of the stage!AMAYADEEME-UNICORN-PRINT

And finally, for a splash of colour, take a look at these beautifully handmade cushions from British brand Fox in the Attic (we love the dreamy clouds and rainbows combination together with the unicorns):


Image Credit: Fox in The Attic

So if it’s magic that you’re looking for, may we suggest a unicorn (or two)?

With a timeless, retro charm that will never grow old (I remember being fascinated by unicorns as a little girl myself, and love that my own little girl loves them just as much today), what a lovely way to spark little imaginations and make some magic. Right in their very own bedroom.

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