Recently we’ve spotted a room colour combination that is a bit unusual. It feels like it shouldn’t work but it totally does. That colour combo is pink and green. We’ve found rooms in bold and bright shades of pink and green as well as soft and subtle shades and both styles work really well.

When we think of combining pink decor with other colours, we instinctively think of shades like grey, white and black. They are all neutral shades that work really well with pink of course, but if you want to try something a bit more unusual, then this pink and green could be the colour combo for you.

One way of making a big impact with pink and green is to paint the walls in these two shades like in the room pictured above. The green is bright and bold and works so well with the pink. And we love how playful yet stylish the two colours look together.

Here are some more pink and green rooms to inspire you:

If bright isn’t your thing, use duller shades of pink and green mixed with lots of white like in the room above. We’re loving how the pink and green decorations really stand out against the white backdrop. Using the colours in this way also means that the room won’t be outgrown in a hurry.

Using different shades of pink and green works really well too, like in this room where we have lots of shades of green. The green is then complemented with touches of pink in different shades. Here, the green is the dominant colour while the pink is used as an accent – you could also reverse this idea and go with bright pink as the main colour with splashes of green.

For something a little different, especially if you want to be more daring, try clashing pinks and greens like in this room. We’ve got bubble gum pink mixed with a pale neon-like green. This really shouldn’t work but it does. The room looks bright, fun and very cheerful.

Lastly, we have this room that is a sea of pink. Everywhere you look, there is pink. This might have looked too much but it’s the pale greens that bring this room together beautifully. There are big splashes of soft greens throughout this room and that really works well with all the pink. Also, this room shows us that pink and green can be used for practically any age, from toddler to teenager.

What do you think? Are you tempted to decorate your kid’s rooms in pink and green?

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