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We all remember those fantastic summers of our childhood when we had a lot of time to enjoy, play and discover the world in different and creative ways. The smell of ice-creams, sea and sun cream created a fantastic framework for our lovely memories. Well, this is exactly what you will feel as soon as you discover “ Summer Nostalgia”, the result of a great collaboration between Merrilee from MerMag and the clothing brand Wren & James.

But…What are we talking about? Get ready to fall in love! They have created a dream collection of pinafores for both girls and dolls to wear. Of course, Merrilee has created four cute dolls to match your little girls! You just have to choose one of these nice characters: Amelia, Mazie, Margot, Greta, Imogen and Kiana and select your favourite hairstyle: pigtails, top knot and side bun.

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Then, of course, you will find difficulties to pick out your favourite pinafore among these fantastic models. The sweetest grey Bunny Print, the hand-painted stripes of Blue Stripe and Clay Stripe and that cool Color Block with raw edge pockets. You can purchase all of them so your little one and her friend can change their clothes as often as they want to.

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Take a look at these pictures, they look as nostalgic memories of your best summers, don’t they? Let your kids feel these magic around the most special time of the year with a piece of your traditional games…Could they be cooler?

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They are completely hand sewn and hand painted so they also include that “soul” inside them. They are as special and unique as your girl so they are perfect for each other. A perfect partner for the rest of her life. We think this is one of those toys with special value for them, they are going to last for generations and its story will be shared as well. Can you resist it?

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+Info: Merrilee Liddiard

Images: Tracy Layne Photography