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Colour is a very personal thing. However it is important to consider the impact  that different colours can have on the feel of a room. Interestingly different colours can also have different physical and emotional effects on the people who are using the room. It is worth considering this before decorating your child’s rooms to ensure that you choose colours appropriate for the purpose of the room.


Yellow is a warm, vibrant and cheerful colour.  It is known for stimulating mental activity, energy and positivity. There are endless shades of yellow to choose from.  From the palest of lemon, to warm mustard, to bright neon yellow and everything in between! However too much bright yellow is thought to be over stimulating on the eye. This can result in fatigue and irritation and in the case of babies and young children may cause more crying.

If you are trying to create a calming space for your child that promotes sleep, then yellow should be used carefully. A little touch of yellow goes a long way and too much yellow may encourage activity rather than sleep! By choosing a soft or pale yellow, the space remains restful and warm. If you or child prefers a brighter shade of yellow, then try adding small touches of the shade against a neutral backdrop. This will create interest and impact, yet remain restful enough for sleep.

Softer shades of yellow.

Yellow combined with neutrals.

Half yellow wall

Yellow bunk beds

Combining yellow with other colours.

As well as combining well with neutrals, yellow is also a great colour to combine with cooler colours such as grey, blue or even black. Adding cooler colours balances the brightness of the yellow creating a colourful yet relaxing space.

Yellow can also be combined beautifully with pinks or oranges to give a warm yet more unusual look.

Bright yellow.

Brighter, more stimulating shades of yellow are ideal to use in playrooms. In this type of space we want to encourage energetic play and creativity. So brighter tones of yellow, in greater quantities are perfect here.

Yellow wall playroom

Yellow play room

A little bit of yellow goes a long way, so adding even the smallest and often inexpensive touches of yellow to your child’s room, creates a little bit of summer everyday.

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