Furniture to sleep, to study, top lay or just to dream. Furniture for everything. This is what present parents are looking for to decorate their children’s rooms. They must be satisfied with all the proposals that furniture brands offer. Vox is one of them and we have fallen in love with its collections plenty of originality and imagination.

A tent-shaped structure with its cover to create a refuge in their room. They will become explorers in the jungle or playing like cowboys and Indians, a classic game. This is also a kids’ piece of furniture that can be used as a simple bed, as a little house which makes them feel protected. It’s one of our favourite because of all its uses as far as playing is concerned.



This brand’s furniture shows a simple style with natural wood and some touches of white or beige. This makes it suitable to every style. Its designers have considered fun, safety and aesthetics.

This amazing double desk is perfect for shared kids’ rooms. It’s a versatile study area. Furthermore, accessories can be hanged from the upper part. They can paint, read and play in this inspiring table.


Vox children’s rooms are really inspiring. One of the best pieces is the bed-wardrobe. Several elements can be added to it, there are storage spaces on its sides so you will have more available space. There is also a structure to be included in the upper part in order to create a special place where their imagination can fly. The best is that there are lots of matching pieces of furniture including useful tables and shelves!

These simple designs can be adapted to every boys and girls’ room. They are ideas that can be modified with every kind of details so it’s always a good option to create a children’s room. What do you think?


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