Planning a baby nursery is often one of the first thing on the parents’ minds. The process of decorating and selection of all baby stuff needed is enjoyed by most of the parents. The fist step is to pick a room of the house where the newborn will sleep, select the colors of the wall, the crib and decorations… The list of things to do is often very long!

Emilie, from Poligom blog,  has created in the attic a really sweet and cute nursery for her baby Suzon. Emilie loves vintage finds and also a Nordic stuff, and we can find both influences in this nursery. The wonderful vintage crib and the blue wall bring personality to the nursery and the white color of the walls and floor provides additional brightness in the room.

Emilie takes care of every detail and adds a little sweetness in every corner. Let’s see some of them!


Love the paper mobile and the Caroline Briel’s postcards! The cotton curtain creates an atmosphere of rest in this attic room.



Suzon’s nursery is plenty of pretty gifts from relatives and friends, such a cardboard trophy or the garlands, combined with vintage finds,  such a crib and wood trunks.


Emilie reserved a space of the room to create a reading nook.


Suzon’s father took care to design a nice wardrobe with a natural hanging bar. A functional and beautiful corner!

The result? A unique and charming room!

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