Collect every single antique thing you have kept because vintage is in. You just have to take a look to this lovely children’s room with lots of interesting pieces which are carefully selected to provide a simple and retro look but with a modern touch.

There are several elements which focus our attention as soon as we look at the pictures. One of them is that wrought- iron bed, a must in romantic rooms. The correct combination with textiles can create a cosy place to dream.

The concrete wall is a total gamble with an industrial style which looks really original and simple. That’s a good idea to focus all the attention on the rest of elements. That’s the perfect space to place that retro map which reminds an old school. The best is that vintage elements have its own story.


There are other vintage complements like the antique cases or the France map, the metal  industrial lamp or some of the toys. Everything is perfectly matched, there aren’t too many things. As far as the colour is concerned, minimalism is also the key, soft pastel tones are the selected options.

We think is a wonderful style to try. Furthermore, restored furniture has a special charm which can´t be offered by the modern one. If you choose modern tones to paint it, it will look fantastic! As far as toys are concerned, the trendiest option is those handmade toys made with natural fabrics so you will find them easily. That’s inspiring for basic and simple atmospheres.

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