Vintage furniture and industrial pieces are attractive for almost everybody, because of its presence, its stories and because nowadays it’s really difficult to find such charming pieces. Although they can be used in adult spaces, they are also perfect to create a kids’ room with lots of personality.

We know that the children’s room must match the rest of the house and there’s no doubt that they have known how to do it while they keep that kids’ look at the same time. The fresh combinations of modern, industrial and vintage pieces turn this space into a special kids’ atmosphere.

White walls and white wooden floor are the perfect base to be included in every decoration. This white canvas is perfect to create amazing things. In this case, they have tried to mix textures with the metal of the lamp and the lockers with the rude leather of that buck which has been turned into a bench. These ideas are showed in one of the post of the amazing &Suus blog.


If you have fallen in love with this studying area because of its originality, you will also like the bunk beds because they are playful and functional at the same time. This time, they have chosen natural wood which has been combined with those stools which add a rustic touch to the set.


Neutral colours with some touches of other brighter tones, sturdy materials and a mix of materials. Interesting, isn’t it? What do you think about this kids’ space?

Via Ensuus

Photography: Jansje Klazinga Styling: Suzanne de Jong