It is never too early to inspire the love of travel in your little one. What better than a bold, inspiring wallpaper to spark child’s imagination? For sure, they will promote the desire to discover new countries, cultures and landscapes.

Selecting wallpaper for a child’s bedroom can be a challenge when it comes to decorating. Wall mural is the perfect choice for a child’s room and you can get some really fun and funky designs. Today, we have selected some nostalgic wallpapers that feed the children’s wildest imaginations and allow them to travel the world at home.

Vintage Inspired Wallpapers: The Vintage Explorer

This collection of wallpaper murals is inspired by the explorers and naturalists of the Age of Discovery. How not fall in love with these incredibly detailed etching illustrations? Influenced by the exploratory period of the 15th-18th centuries, these wall murals beautifully capture intimate moments within the depths of the jungle.

These murals will be the focus of attention of any room. Your little one will find new gorgeous details every day, and they will be the scenario of multiple imaginary adventures. Let your child’s imagination be captivated by the jungle!

Vintage Inspired Wallpapers: Travel through Imagination

Reading books allows kids to opens up new adventures and expand their imagination in creative ways. Why not add some fun and inspiring references to classic stories in the kid’s room? This wallpaper comprises of vintage illustrations of famous characters from the Charles Dickens novels and looks great on any wall.

Vintage Inspired Wallpapers: Maps

Plan your next adventure or lose yourself in the streets with a wall mural map. A vintage World map or an antique style London map will add character to the kid’s room. Create an environment full of inspiration, wonder and discovery!

All the designs above can be found at the online children’s wallpaper store, Murals Wallpaper – check out their range here (UK) and here (USA).