We’re in love with Sonny’s room! His mum, the photographer and stylist Anna Malmberg, has created a very cosy and personal bedroom. She mixes vintage and modern pieces and adds a bohemian vibe to the decoration of the room, creating a wonderful atmosphere. Patterns and textures and combined in a unique way!

Recently she’s created a new art space – study area for her child incorporating a DIY kid’s desk. Two vintage chairs and an antique drawer unit contrasting with the modern twist of the Ferm Living wallpaper. As you can see in this bedroom, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to design a whimsical kids room. Mix and match old and new products and be creative!


You can see some flea market finds, like the lamp, the adorable Woodland Doll from Lapin, combined with DIY details, like the bulletin board painted in black (it’s a great idea!)
kids-desk-diy3kids-desk-diy6 kids-desk-diy-detail-wooden-toys

Wooden toys, especially building blocks, are a must in any kids room. These open-ended playthings encourage children’s imagination and they’ll become your little one’s favourite thing for years.


Anna bought a small jar with acrylic paint and customised an old orange truck. It’s a great way to incorporating the favourite child’s colour to the decoration, especially if you don’t like it a lot.


Anna has created another whimsical nook at their child’s room. You can see all the room here and here. Enjoy!

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Pictures: Anna Malmberg