From time to time, we find official pages during some of our visits to Instagram, this is the case of @duluxvalentinefrance. This paint Brand has a very interesting gallery which can be really inspiring to decorate kids’ rooms. The trendiest colours, inspiring spaces, and lots of options to customize kids’ rooms at home. Let’s take a look to its gallery to see what can we use at home.

Brown and violet

Brown is in. Light brown is becoming a very popular option to paint kids’ rooms. It is not identified with gender so it’s great to any kind of room, it doesn´t matter who uses it. We actually like the combination of different brown tones (light and dark) with other flashy colours such as violet. Violet is a perfect complement for these tones.

Intense Blue

Blue is still a trend. It’s said that blue has more fans than any other colour, so a blue kids’ room is always a great idea. In addition, we don´t have to be limited to pastel tones which usually play a great role in children’s rooms. This profile proves that bluish green, dark or flashy blue tones are also suitable for kids. It’s easily combined with white but also with natural wooden furniture. Yes, it’s a good option for those who prefer warm atmospheres, as- in spite of being a cold tone; it can look cosy with wooden floors.

Don´t forget green!

It seems that nature will be really present during the next seasons. We have seen the sky, the sea and the soil. In addition, green (nature typical tone) will be also a trend. Tones which go beyond mint Green and turn into a darker tone, colours which can be chosen to provide the room with depth. There’s no doubt that is a great option for unisex atmospheres and matches perfectly White and wooden furniture. Green is getting more and more fans!

Two-Tone Rooms

We are in love with this trend which is present in every magazine where the room is painted with two colours .It is a great option to soften a very flashy color  such as dark blue and it will be the perfect solution to make small rooms look bigger. Use the lighter colour at the top. No, it doesn´t have to be white, you could use pale pink, for example. The key is to get the contrast, although using the same color with different tones won´t be a bad idea.

Some Red Touches

The best is at the end. A flashy colour like red might look stressing, too much for kids, however it can be the perfect touch for a children’s room. Well, maybe painting the whole room is not the most suitable option but adding some details in these colours will enliven the atmosphere. We love these examples; the circus marquee and the objects’ silhouette are simple amazing.

+ Info at @duluxvalentinefrance