This clothing brand includes an extra value in their products: its story, a little hidden treasure.

This family left London to live their own adventure in South America. There, they found those amazing little things that make life special: nature, relaxation, a healthy environment for their little one…After enjoying that amazing life style, inspiration came to their lives in the Andes, as soon as they discovered alpaca yarn. They decided to design clothes for children so every single kid could enjoy this wonderful material; this is Waddler’s origin.


This natural yarn is extremely soft and warm and it was used by the Inca Kings so, is there any better option to dress our little monarchs? We don’t think so!


The family was so happy with Waddler’s foundation that they felt they must give something back:

“We ensure all our knitters are paid three times the minimum wage and we’ve seen the results of this. Back breaking drudgery replaced by washing machines, kids able to afford school materials and all round happier families. Even the alpacas themselves contribute to our ethics by being one of the planets most eco friendly agricultural animals. Low impact soft feet protect fragile ecosystems and they don’t over graze like sheep or goats.”


After that, they discovered organic cotton in Peru so they also included it in their garments. Of course, the brand deals with local artisans to transform it so they are also contributing to improve those people’s quality of life.


Their clothes are comfortable, special and really cool! You can see quality in every single piece. Colour is everywhere reminding us all those adventures in an exotic jungle! Their 2015 A/W collection has, however, changed the scene. We can see the same great clothes in a different landscape: the wild rugged coast of South West Ireland. As you can see, the result of the shoot is amazing!


Waddler collections are suitable for every kind of kid. Every garment brings us back to nature, to our origins, to all those things which are really important…furthermore, they are helping to create a better world for our children so there’s a special magic in them. Don’t you think?

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