We have already mentioned this wonderful brand and its amazing story about freedom and adventure. A family leaving a whole life in London to live lots of adventures in South America while they become their dreamy life into a reality…it’s so inspiring…

All the garments are made with thrill, love and a freedom spirit which wraps the brand’s image to make kids feel as little explorers. The highest quality materials (baby alpaca wool and organic pima cotton have been great findings for them) and the most antique traditional techniques are used to create amazing clothes full of personality and the special charm of nature.



Black, white, grey, stripes, flashy colours…these are the keywords to describe its latest collection that will turn daily life into their own adventure! Comfort is not an obstacle to get the chicest clothes! Take a look at those dresses, they are simply lovely!


And what about that funny beanie? It reminds us those great Peruvian bonnets! What an original way to keep them warm!


Haven’t you decided to purchase them yet? Well, maybe we can help you to make a decision if we inform you that there’s a special discount for our readers. You just have to introduce the code “petit&small” and you will get a 20% off  all your purchases! Fantastic, isn’t it? But you have to hurry up as it will only be valid from 17th to 24th October.


Beautiful, original quality clothes inspired by the traditional Latin American tribes and all their mystery. There’s no doubt that Waddler offers much more than clothes, every garment is a little treasure that makes us dream about exotic places and breathless adventures…let’s explore with them!


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