Wall decoration is one of the most defining features in every home. Although most of houses prefer different paintings and children’s wallstickers, wallpapers were really trendy before. However, this trend finished and its typical designs were out.

During last years, thanks to new and daring designs, wallpaper fashion has come back. Brands like the London-based Siang Zeng have renovated this material by the creation of new and innovative designs which are going to be presented here.


The Dino wallpaper by Sian Zeng is a very good option for children’s room. There are lots of wallpapers but this one is magnetic. It allows pinning everything on it just with a magnet, as we do on the fridge. In this way, it offers us a versatility that both children and adults will love because we can customise it with drawings, timetables or whatever they want. Everything we pin is as easy to remove as the magnet, perfect to avoid damages on the wall.

The Dino magnetic paper by Sian Zeng doesn’t only show that enormous creatures, it will also fill the room with trees and plants. Furthermore, we will probably find some prehistorical magnets to combine with it.




This kind of wallpapers can change the concept we have of them. Would you choose this wallpaper to your children’s room?