It’s amazing how the decoration of a children’s room walls can change its whole appearance and the feelings it make us experiment. So before choosing wallpapers or wall stickers we should think about it. What kind of atmosphere would I like to get? Fun? Modern? Romantic? Peaceful? This is very important to select the tones, the materials, etc.

Today, we have chosen the “Fun mode” after finding this wallpaper by Mr. Perswall (its murals are original and different, do you know them?) at “amelia”. We have fallen in love with its mise en scene. ”Family Fun” is the title of this mural that has been created by Adelina Mehmeti. Its combination with vintage furnishing creates a very personal style, you won’t find two identical rooms! In such a place there is no limit to creativity, happiness is in the air!



Take a look at the customized wallpapers because you can even create one with your family’s faces! Check it out!

+info: Mr Perswall