How many times do we get inspiration from nature to decorate? If your kids love animals and forest you have found the ideal wallpapers to decorate the walls of their room. Horses, squirrels, foxes and bears which have fun in a canvas inspired by a natural atmosphere. Joy and dynamism to decorate the kids’ room.

We love wallpapers with geometrical motifs but we can always change the room’s style by adding characters and scenes which invite kids to create their own stories. The wall is an enormous canvas and we can enliven it with everything we want, in this case, an enchanted forest.


There are many lovely animals in the forest, like the small deers or the squirrels. We can find lots of friendly characters which are mixed with many trees in these cute wallpapers. They use soft tones which add a touch of joy without catching all the attention. However, provided all the details they have, it’s better to include them in Nordic simple spaces.


Among these wallpapers, we can find illustrations which seem as handmade. They are perfect to inspire those kids who love painting and they show a childish touch in their casual style. Furthermore, you can choose between big drawings, like scenes to decorate the wall or wallpapers with repeated series of animals from the forest in order to fill everything with colour.


 We really like the idea of having a forest in the kids’ room plenty of beautiful designs and illustrations with lots of colour and fantasy. Do you join this forest?

Via Eijffinger