Who of you love travelling? We are sure everyone do it! Today we bring you the most nomadic wallpapers, specially designed for children who dream and, why not? Also for adults who have a bit of imagination. This wallpaper collection is included in ‘Around the world’ serial by Mini Empire and they have been designed by Jenny von Döbeln.

They are made to decorate walls with some traveller inspiration. Far places that can be kept on your walls! Tortoises from Galapagos and other animals to become intrepid navigators who discover lots of new species. The best thing is to match de decoration with it, in this way fantasy will come true!


This wallpaper is inspired by nordic world. Cold Nothern climate where they can find snow-covered landscapes which seem have been frozen in time…even houses and trees become white. There is no doubt that this is perfect for a Nordic-styled room!


Now we go from cold to hot. This wallpaper has been inspired by the African savannah. Lots of elephants and lions with lots of details. It has been created to focus your attention in every single and little drawing. There’s always something new to find! Kids would love the presence of these wonderful animals in their games!

Three simple wallpapers with neutral tones. The colour of your room are not important here, they can be matched with everything! Where do you want to travel?

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Via Mokkasin