Current trends consist of using white as a base to add everything we want to our children’s rooms but then there are several questions we have to face. How to transform those white walls into an original canvas?

Well, there are some ideas like this one we find at Gravity Home, with a wallpaper full of motifs, colour and everything we and our little ones love. When we describe walls as canvas, we are right. We can transform them into the picture we want. Do you like flowers? Take a look to this romantic and dreamy children’s room! This is only an example, there are many ideas, don’t miss them!

Enjoy Wallpapers in Kid’s Art Nooks


Spark your kid’s imagination designing an art nook. You know that crafts and art projects require a high dose of creativity so you can create an enjoyable atmosphere with a simple yet fun wallpaper and an original DIY  table.

Dream with Romantic Wallpapers


If you don’t really like flowers but you want a Romantic girls’ room with soft touches, add some whimsical wallpaper like this one designed by Mrs Mighetto, as Petiteinteriorco did. Black and white drawings that are almost unnoticed but with lots of stories to tell.

Come Back to Cool with Vintage-Inspired Wallpapers


Decorate a kids’ room with vintage style is a gorgeous trend. If you are thinking about it, don’t worry, there are also printed wallpapers to add that wonderful antique touch. This is from Mokkasin with cute boats and beige tones as if it had been wasted by time.

Dare to Use Wallpapers in Dark Tones


Only the bravest ones dare to use dark tones in children’s rooms but they can also be funny! You must include a white floor, as you can see in this Niinanunelmia room, to avoid losing brightness and even more boldness by adding also printed flowers on the walls.

Imagine with Wallpapers in the Nursery


The nursery can also be a place to have fun and dare with great wallpapers like this one. This is the perfect print to bring your Woodland themed dreams to life! This wallpaper is amazing and full of characters, a great decoration challenge that will surprise everyone!