This fantastic company creates lots of special toys that can also be considered artworks. Art is an important element in children’s develop so it must be a part of their daily life. They are unique  little sculptures to wake up children’s creativity and imagination.

What can you find?

A great choice of handmade  basswood wood toys that have that special charm of traditional toys and crafts. It is also a lovely way to take art to our children’s rooms. They will help children to appreciate art , taking them to a fantastic universe in their daily life. Their pieces are so cute that can also be included as ornamental elements in an adults’ decoration.

The toys’ three-dimensional puzzle help kids to simplify their reality to get an easier approach to it while they develop their knowledge. The design will attract kids’ attention and will aso wake up their curiosity.


Unique Handmade quality toys wrapped by magic and love of pieces made by hand. Amazing designs to add a sophisticated touch of art to every kids’ world.


The Company was founded in 2013 as a result of a deep research on modern special toys that have been finally created with the help of Vera, the founder’s daughter. As many other kids’ brands, WatCat Art Toys has been created by parents to parents,always looking for the best and the most special things for kids.