Floating-bath toy-De-Intuitiefabriek-Waterscape2

Create an imaginary world in and around the water and play around with these colourful, soft blocks! With Waterscapes, you can build a floating town or anything you can imagine.

Inspired by Cotto’s Pætchwork collection, these clever toys will allow your kids to become an architect of your own bath. We have shown you lots of building blocks and architectural toys, but these are really special: the geometric building blocks are made from sponge and pumice stones.

The possibilities of arrangement are endless: kids can invent buildings, boats, castles…but also more simple constructions. This bathtub toy set also includes stairs, sloped roofs and bridges, perfect for creating a dream city.

The material is lightweight and easy to collect after bathtime is over. Of course, kids can also use them during play outside of the bathtub.

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Waterscape has been created by De Intuïtiefabriek, a Dutch design studio finding common ground in their intuitive way of working and their use of materials and techniques. To De Intuïtiefabriek, design is all about craftsmanship, the touch of material and the actual act of making things. Their aim is to create perfectly crafted products which you can feel the love with which they were made. They create a pure, precise and almost fragile feeling, taking the observer into a new world.

Floating-bath toy-De-Intuitiefabriek-Waterscape6 Floating-bath toy-De-Intuitiefabriek-Waterscape7 Floating-bath toy-De-Intuitiefabriek-Waterscape8 Floating-bath toy-De-Intuitiefabriek-Waterscape

Waterscape has been developed for the exhibition ‘Cotto Another Perspective’ at Salone del Mobile 2016. At the moment, it is still a prototype, but De Intuïtiefabriek is looking for ways to develop it into a commercial product. We hope that they succeed. These toys would provide our children with hours of fun.

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Photography by Ruud Peijnenburg