get bloomed-wawomb

Once again, Wawomb, that inspiring Portuguese company, surprises us with its wonderful nursery décor collection to create special rooms full of personality and charm. Their latest collection, “Get Bloomed”, shows that trendy tropical interior design we really love! It seems as taken from a fairy tale!

heart leaf pillow wawomb

Fabrics, throw pillows, poufs…everything is covered in colour and fun, these pieces have their own soul inviting you to imagine and dream in a fantastic atmoshphere where everything is possible.

Every piece is made of Burel, a Portuguese fabric made from 100% wool. This fabric will resist traction, ripping, pressure…to sum up,  kids-proof! They’re not only beautiful , but easy to combine and will last for ages!

The complete collection includes a Floral Crib Canopy, Tropical Leaf Pillows, a Big Leaf Rug, Wooden Knobs,  Wall Hooks, and a blooming Moses Basket, so every single detail can be perfectly matched!

Stephanie Gerard, the designer and founder of Wawomb, knows how to create the most special items you can imagine, inspiring kids to be creative.

pouf cozy corner wawomb

Are you looking for something special for your little one’s spaces? Visit this store and fall in love with all the talent and great taste they offer! Get a different look, a special place for your kids, their special refuge to enjoy childhood! Don´t miss Wawomb’s universe!

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