weekend crafts for kids (1)

Show your children that they can finger paint different animal figures with their own hands.

weekend crafts for kids (2)

Here comes the weekend! We found some brilliant crafts for kids to have a great time with your children. We liked them because only a few materials are needed (finger painting, crayons or coloured pencils and paper) to develop their full creativity. How could you make an elephant with your hand print? And a camel?… Challenges can gradually become more difficult. Have you ever thought the amount of things you could make with your handprint?

weekend crafts for kids (3)

And with your fingers? The ideas we found in kokokoKids are amazing! If you don’t believe it, look everything you can make with your fingerprints…

weekend crafts for kids (4)

Families, characters… Each one has its own personality!

weekend crafts for kids (5)

A Spring landscape full of trumpet-shaped flowers, sunflowers, daisies…

weekend crafts for kids (6)

And transports! Have we forgotten anything? Surely we have, if not ask your kids…

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