We really love companies with wonderful stories around them. Willa and the Bear is a good example of this – Hattie Goodley, its founder, lived in Nepal for several years and the brands’ identity is closely linked to this far flung country.

Everything started when Hattie began a project with a local artisan women’s co-operative to produce a range of muslin products including blankets, quilts and pyjamas. Each of these artisan pieces is handmade with longevity in mind and will become softer with each and every wash, quickly becoming firm favourites in your child’s wardrobe!

cot bumpers in signature speckled cottonsatin trimmed muslin square smokey blue

We can’t resist these soft, gentle prints  – they will add colour and joy to any child’s room! What about the nightwear? The muslin pyjamas are light and breathable with a calming print …perfect for coaxing your little one to sleep.


As we have mentioned, the muslin range is produced in Nepal, from the block printing to the sewing, the whole process is done by hand, with special care taken at each step to ensure the greatest comfort and quality.


After the earthquake of May 2015, many Nepalese people have lost their worldly possessions so the brand offers its help by reinvesting part of the profits back into the local community. There’s no doubt that love, hope and social responsibility are important concepts to this brand and this is one of the reasons why it is so special!


If you like the idea of a small piece of Nepalese soul in your little ones nursery, you must visit them!

+info: Willa & the Bear