Producing quality shirts is a tradition for this charming brand that used to create for other companies. After years of experience, they decided to create their own brand to offer their quality products with their own name.

Quality, design and lots of careful processes are necessary to create amazing shirts according to classical patterns and the latest trends. We can feel the essence of the brand and see its spirit in every piece which still keeps that sophisticated charm.


What can you find?

Their collection includes not only shirts but every kind of garments for both boy and girl, including knitwear and accessories. You will soon appreciate creativity and quality in all of them as well as quality and surprising designs. We can describe their style as sophisticated, classic and trendy. It’s a mix of traditional and modern concepts with a lovely result.


Quality and design are , as we have mentioned, the strength point of Wolf and Rita. Every garment is worthy, don’t miss them!


All their products are proudly 100% made in Portugal with the highest quality local materials. This is not only a guarantee but a sample of support to their country. We all know Portugal textile tradition so we would say this is an extra-value, don’t you think?