Today I bring you a gorgeous handmade wooden toys made in a beautiful corner of the planet: Greece. The Wandering Workshop is a project of Athina and Jose, who design and produce toys with high-quality and eco-friendly materials.

They are envisioned as open-ended playthings that offer endless possibilities for creative playing, an invitation to children and adults alike to a world open to imagination. These colourful wooden toys focusing on what the child can do, rather than what the toys can do. Furthermore, they’re well-designed objects that are made to last.

The Wandering Workshop makes toys with a story to tell: travelling clouds, a red umbrella blown away by the wind, a tricycle with red helices, an adventurous little boat in the Aegean Sea, the first Autumn drops of rain, a little blue train that travels through imaginary landscapes upon nightfall…

wooden-toys-thewanderingworkshop2 wooden-toys-thewanderingworkshop3 wooden-toys-thewanderingworkshop4

All the parts of these wooden toys are cut by hand, sanded and hand-painted with great attention to detail so as to be smooth to the touch, familiarizing children with the qualities of wood and those of a uniquely hand-crafted object.


Their form, colour, and some unexpected yet functional elements, stimulate children’s imagination and promote their engagement in creating their own stories. The perfect toys for a creative, slow play.


Recently, they add a new collection of wooden animal toys which composes a playful company for child’s adventures. A wooden tree and a bush create a sense of the natural environment that enriches the play.

They’re really special toys, aren’t they?

+ info: The Wandering Workshop