LZF Lab, a gorgeous lighting brand, worked together with Isidro Ferrer to create Funny Farm. They called Ferrer one day and proposed to develop something for LZF, without briefings, without conditions, with absolute freedom.

He accepted and began to experiment with the shape and the look of their lamps, and began to play with small wooden pieces inspired by the morphology of their products. His experiments led him to a peculiar, funny family made up of nineteen wooden animals, including, among others, monkeys, a fish with legs, elephants, and rabbits. And he created the Funny Farm.



Initially the project started as a commission to resolve the graphic communication of the company, and eventually it led to the creation of a complete family of animals and also light sculptures. Smelly Elephant, Grumpy Goat, Ronny Rhino, Sheepdog…are some of the names of these wooden figurines.



To give shape to this family, Isidro Ferrer worked with Carlos Mur, a talented craftsman who modeled the wooden pieces. Design and craftsmanship work hand by hand in this project.



Fish and Elephant were chosen for also become amazing light sculptures. The external structures made by Manolo Martin were built using the traditional Valencian “vareta” technique (creates 3D structures through the use of wooden strips treated with water).


They are ideal for children hospitals, zoos or relax areas, aren’t they? Take a look at LZF Magazine and discover more details of this project.