Since we saw Strong Men stacking toy or Circus Animals, we knew that behind WatCat (Watermelon Cat Company) there are two passionate of the design of modern toys, art and creativity. Their toys are playable sculptures, little pieces of art.

Today we’ve invited Juan Alonso and Susana Aparicio Lardiés, the founders and designers, to tell us how they create their fabulous playthings, and introduce us to their new collection, ‘Good Bones’. Enjoy reading this delightful post!

WatCat toys, Good Bones


The WatCat toys were born in 2013 as a natural result after many years of researching on the design of modern toys and learning by playing with our daughter, Vera.

The WatCat toys are created and made as small artworks. We chose basswood wood for its texture and fragrance. We cut the pieces by hand, sanded and finally painted them with water-based paints.

From the beginning, we had the idea that children could have their first contact with art in this way, and art, with all its power of expression, is a perfect way to connect children with the world around them. So the WatCat toys are also appreciated by adults as decorative objects.

wooden-art-toys-wat-cat-cow2 wooden-art-toys-wat-cat-cow wooden-art-toys-wat-cat-cow4

The new series Good Bones joins the natural curiosity of our daughter of 5 years old with our constant quest to transfer the art form to the world of children.

The skeleton is one of those great mysteries that helps children to begin the approaching to the complexity of human and animal body. We thought that transforming it into a three-dimensional puzzle simplifying its structure in a few basic parts would be easier. Furthermore, bones, with their particular organic forms, have always been the focus of attention of the greatest artists of all times.

wooden-art-toys-wat-cat-elephant3 wooden-art-toys-wat-cat-elephant


Among our toys, this series is the closest to the idea of the art object. Each piece is unique because we didn’t use drawings or prior molds, so they can have a similar look but they can never be repeated.

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