Fun might be just around the corner! A magical play world with hungry monkeys, bathing elephants or a very special rock’n’roll band inhabits in a dollhouse. All is possible in this spectacular wood plaything. You just need to let your imagination fly!

Helsinki-based designer and illustrator Janine Rewel has created Nooks, a collection of seven unique dollhouses comprised of geometric shapes and vivid colour palettes. Each dollhouse was handmade and handpainted in Finland, and each was built around a subject that fascinate children.

These dollhouses are interactive sculptures designed to encourage the play and imagination. The Rewel’s illustrations are an amazing explosion of colours and shapes, a mix of simplicity, fun and fantasy.


You can choose between the following dollhouses: bunnyhouse,  monkeyhouse,  garagehouse,  cathouse, splashhouse, bandhouse and babyhouse. All of them are incredibly illustrated and have some figures for playing. 


Can’t you pick just one? Get two and connect them! Nook shaped dollhouses are interconnectable, allowing them to be assembled with each other so that the play can extend from house to house.

nooks-dollhouse nooks-wood-dollhouse

Geometrical simplicity meets bold colours and promotes inventing stories. I think these dollhouses will like both parents and children of all ages. Built to last, they are designed to last and then pass down for generations.

wood-toys-dollhouse-nooks wood-toy-dollhouse-nooks

Nooks collection is on a mission to untangle the doll world from pink bows and introduce a gender-neutral play nook for kids. These dollhouses are created for both sisters and brothers.

After seeing all these wonder, I only can say, shall we play with dolls?

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