“If you tell a child how he should do it, he forgets it. If you show it, he remembers it. But if you let the child do it with his/her own hands, he/she understands” (Maria Montessori).

Sarmiento is an Argentinian brand that creates recycled natural wood blocks, toys and objects.

Alejandra and Maria Teresa Sarmiento, the founders, grew up surrounded wood and boats. Their grandfather was the architect of Shipyard Sarmiento, well-known for their sailboats handmade plywood.

Now they decided to make an alliance with the (amazing) Net furniture to reuse their production waste and transform surplus offcuts into wooden playthings. Cars, boats, landscapes…or whatever you want.



The wooden blocks are one of the oldest playthings. It stimulate the creative process, capacity planning, give the notion of structure, shape and weight.

Although they propose the free creation, you can find  within each bag of blocks or sets, a certain amount of parts used to assemble a definite shape like cities, a mountain or a boat. Each set is an invitation to play and experimenting. Every time child plays, he can build a new toy and think of a new way of assembling parts.



The aesthetic language used is extremely expressive. They do not seek perfection or artificial finishes, but the enjoyment of raw, natural materials.

They use high-quality materials like Lapacho, petiribí, pine Brazil among others, that provide us different textures, colors, weights, very interesting to the touch and sight.


Uniforma Triangle set is the last addition to their web shop, a wooden tangram full of possibilities!

Thanks to Deborah Beau for discovering us Sarmiento and Alejandra Sarmiento for writing us to present their products and story.

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