Today we want to show you Slow Wood, a crowdfunding project developed by Studio Fludd, a multidisciplinary collective active in the fields of visual arts and design. Its research is focused on craftsmanship and it is characterized by a fluid approach between the different creative languages.

Slow Wood is a classical stacking toy, reinterpreted through the food theme, aimed at creating one’s favourite burger. It is an open game: there are no right or wrong combinations, and you can touch, mix and match, and get familiar with preparing food.



It presents a range of both classic and unusual ingredients, such as tomato, pizza slice, chocolate bar, bone, egg. Slow Wood is sculpture that you can manipulate, and that allows anyone to create novel and never-­ending combinations of flavours and shapes.



Play with food and support the Slow Wood project! The Slow Wood Indiegogo campaign runs until 20 May 2015.