Wood szczęścia is a different cabinetmaking, it’s a mini manufactory that take care every detail, a laboratory of ideas that responds to customer dreams. Paweł Kozak, the founder, designs simple and contemporary items that response to the needs of the present, his techniques are traditional but his inspirations come from many sites.

The history of each item starts with the raw wood, and therefore, every thing from Wood szczęścia can be considered unique. So you’ll find delightful and special pieces made with care and thought to last, created after the principle of slow design.

Let’s see some of his products:


Maybe do you remember this shelf with drawers? I posted about it some time ago (check out the sweet Gaja’s nursery corner, where this bookcase has a great importance). The same creative family commissioned the great mint cabinet to Wood  szczęścia.


How lovely is this doll house? A toy with simple and stylish design that will provide hours of fun!


These desk and stool not only are beautiful but also perfect for small workspaces. Have you noticed in the house-shaped shelf?


And what do you think about this other nice workspace with a Wood szczęścia desk?  (from kaszka z mlekiem blog).

The dolls and soft toys also have to rest and sleep! Love this sweet doll cradle.


And finally, I want to show you a colorful and fun kid’s room with a doll crib and a doll house from Wood szczęścia, among other products.

Discover more Paweł Kozak’s designs on his website or Instagram account. Like the playful and functional touch of his creations!

+info: Wood szczęścia (via ladnebebe and via this pin)