We’ve all played with puppets, we’ve created and told stories with them. It’s a plaything that stimulates children’s imagination and improve communication and social skills. I think finger puppets (and also hand marionette) are especially appropriate for younger children.

Today I bring you a collection of lovely finger puppets handmade of Xisqueta wool and colored with natural dyes. You can choose between three characters: the Xisqueta sheep, the bear, and the wolf. A lot of stories to tell. Put your fingers in puppets, and start to imagine!




Lina Ratia creates these sweet figurines and you’ll find them at Obrador Xisqueta shop.

Obrador Xisqueta is a nonprofit association located in Catalan Pyrenees was created in order to pay a fair price for the wool of sheep that are bred Xisqueta in Pyrenees.

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