This family business is the result of the merger of Carina and three brothers who one day dreamed about creating fantastic handmade furniture for those special kids who live in their own world of magic and joy. The dream came true and here they are: Xo-in My room is a reality where every single member has its own tasks (and they really know how to do them).

What Can You Find?

If you are looking for something special for your kids’ room this is the correct place. Their amazing unique handmade pieces will provide lots of character to every space. These wonderful pieces are carefully designed and created to offer the customer that touch of magic that they deserve. If you take a look to those wardrobes, those cribs, those beds…it´s like being in a fairy tale!!

We could include this furniture in different decorative styles because it´s suitable for all!! You will find a place for every piece and you won´t be able to choose!! All are simply spectacular!


Design and know how are their main advantages. They are present in all their products and you can appreciate them easily, just check it out! We are sure you will fall in love with the result of this great combination.


The brand has a lovely story behind it and Carina, one of the founders, explains how she and these three brothers share the tasks. They even include some lovely family pictures!