This special brand was founded in order to create a special kids’ universe where clothes could become the link between comfort and exclusivity. The careful selection of materials and their timeless designs have made us fall in love with it!

What Can You Find? 

They offer a huge range of clothes for babies and kids (boys and girls) until 8. Their designs are simple, fresh and easy to combine. Their timeless garments are really attractive for those parents who are looking for something simple and elegant for their kids.

Quality is another extra value; the quality of the materials provides long-lasting garments which can be used once and again even by different siblings. This is always a great advantage because you are investing in long lasting quality clothes which offer a guarantee of safety and design.


Their fresh and timeless style and the quality of their materials are the most characteristic feature and they know how to use it to create their own little world!


Yellowpelota was created by two professionals of Art and Design with the purpose of transforming their technical knowledge into a unique collection of kids’ clothes. We must say the result is amazing!