Parents always want a beautiful children’s room but, nowadays there are several elements we must bear in mind. Functionality and intelligent designs are always good options. When kids grow up and they start a new phase they need a young space with modular furniture which provides them flexibility and mobility. Pay attention to these ideas to create young rooms with modular furniture by the Italian brand Battistella, we are in love with them!

This high-quality furniture can survive kids. Robustness thanks to their quality materials, safety for children and, of course, a beautiful design because everybody wants a cool room, don’t you?



Battistella’s modular furniture collection offers solutions for every kind of children’s spaces. Although you don’t have a big room, they can create a place to sleep, study and also to play. The matter is satisfying all their needs.

There are some surprising options in this collection. It can be adapted to kids between 5 and 12 with changing needs so they fill every one. It includes bunk beds which can be hidden during the day to leave space free to play or desks which can be removed at night. Versatility is their main element and, in addition, they are modern and really beautiful, plenty of colours with simple lines.



We love the rails to create different possibilities with two beds and a table or with these three beds. They can take different spaces or just be hidden in the space of a bed. We must say that Battistella offers lots of functional solutions for furniture.

All this line is adapted to every growth’s phase where they need space to play and study. Furthermore, they have just launched a new collection called plus to kids from 12 to 18. You will never complaint about space again! Everything will be ordered with this young modular furniture! Do you like it?