Once again, kids’ are the inspiration. Three women used their inspiration and talent to create their own kids’ clothing brand in Barcelona. This time they knew that the key is thinking about their final customers: kids, those who are wearing their clothes.  Creativity, quality and comfort are the main features of their original garments. Kids enjoy wearing them and we are in love with every single design!

What Can You Find? 

Creativity is present in all their clothing collection: Sweatshirts, pyjamas, leggings, dresses, jackets…all of them are really special and present a great design

However, they have extended their line of products with a huge choice of complements specially designed to mix interaction, fun and comfort. Every design is plenty of originality and sense of humour! Have you seen those sweat shirts with masks? What about the superhero pyjamas? They are simply brilliant!

They are always trying to add that “extra value” to every single garment. Creativity has no limits!


The yporqué’s star products are their stimulating t-shirts. They wake up their senses with sounds, textures smelts or bright images! Fun will fill all their wardrobes!


If you visit their lovely web site, you will find some videos to see how kids enjoy their garments. They are really funny! There’s also a blog to know all their novelties! We love it, oh yeah!