Sophie, a British mum and designer created this brand to offer kids from all over the world a great range of toys which can help them to wake up their imagination. Creativity is the key element of every single design, they are an unique  little artwork which will complete the decoration of your house.

Playing is the best way to discover their environment and it’s going to be great with these colourful, original and cool pieces, don´t you think? Fill their childhood with design, feed their mind with colour, offer them a creative experience!

What Can You Find?

As we have mentioned before, their unique designer toys are so lovely that you will fall in love with all of them. The purpose is getting a piece of magic in every toy, something special which turns their daily life into a creative game! Apart from toys you will also find wall decoration, bedding accesories, cushions, books and lots of great gifts for babies and kids! All this products will fill your home with cool design and lots of trendy products!

Every single product shares a fantastic design  specially created for kids and their magic universe. They know exactly how to show it, how to create a comfortable atmosphere for them…Every design is simply brilliant!


Toys are their star product, however, design is the main feature of this trendy brand, it’s the common element in all their range of products and we really love it!


Take a look to their blog, inspiration is everywhere! From decoration to tasty recipes…it’s a must!