Glen Hay recently got in touch to say hello and introduce me to his brand: ZooModern. It specializes in handcrafted wooden animals with a timeless, modern design. Today I want to share with you his adorable wooden figures (I’m sure you will love them so much).

These design toys combine age-old craftsmanship with a contemporary style. He only uses natural and high-quality materials: super soft wool from Ireland, rubber wood from sustainable trees of Indonesia, and child-safe paint from Germany.They are all lovingly handmade and hand-finished in the US.

ZooModern woodland collection consists of Lars Owl, Abe Fox, Evan Rabbit and Leo Bear. A simple hidden sewn snap allows you to remove the cape or mix and match. 

Glen wanted an open-ended toy that encourages children to explore their creativity. Your children can make a new toy for themselves or their friends!

Glen is also focused on the details to make the pieces really special. A magic gift for your child!

The handcrafted wooden animals were born from his sketchbook doodles and love for nature. He loved growing up near woodland areas and he became an active creator of my own world. He built forts, huts, diverted streams and swung like Tarzan. So he tries to bring that magic to a child in the form of ZooModern.


Design, illustration, and craftsmanship are three of his passions. Glen grew up in Ohio and was educated in New Jersey, where he attended the Kubert School of Cartooning. Soon after graduating his work caught the attention of the Jim Henson Company, which taught him independent design and old-school craftsmanship. He moved forward to work with the Sesame Street crew handling their overseas cast of characters and learning the culture of the European markets. For the last 12 years, he has worked in the toy industry creating classic toys mainly made from wood.

These sweet figurines will become your children’s new best friend. They could play with them non-stop in your house creating stories around them. Gorgeous!

+ info: ZooModern